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I’m the founder of Global Cadence PR/Social Media Marketing consultancy, a social enterprise advisor, and an NGO board member. I serve on the Forum 2000 Working Group on Women, Democracy, Human Rights and Security to ensure ladies are equally presented as speakers and specialists in international meetings and events. They adhered to the principles of wholesome competitors and were capable of collaborate not solely amongst themselves, but also with different organizations.

The destiny of enlightenment relied on girls’s proper for training. This perception was one of the primary pillars of his paper Mshak. Avetik Araskhanian was one of many uncommon thinkers that transferred the problem of women’s emancipation, or so-referred to as Woman’s Question, to the human rights aircraft. He regarded Woman’s Question as a person’s proper to development somewhat than a gender concern.

Secondly, he thought-about ladies’s advancement as a significant precondition for the progress of the nation, state, public and humanity at massive. In Araskhanian’s view, it boiled right down to the nation’s growth, not to the supply of girls’s potential or the effectiveness of their wrestle. If the nation and society had future, had been ahead-oriented and pursued the objective of progress, then ladies’s potential would by default come to the forefront and their rights would be acknowledged. The author noted that it was not incidental that in societies where ladies had been deprived of mobility and rights, the nation and state at large were static too. The Armenian society, as proven above, proves this conclusion true. The society set an goal of elevation and progress, and people in pursuit of these goals raised the issue of women’s development.

The quite a few manuscripts written via the patronage of ladies belonging to princely and aristocratic families, the churches erected through their charity and the khatchkars prepared at their bidding are manifest realities. Armenian ladies made an important contribution to the blossoming of literature, ranging from the 18th century and especially through the Revival interval. Srpuhi Dussap, Zabel Asadour, Zabel Yessayan and others became the advocates of the trigger for ladies’s schooling, freedom and equality. The Armenian theater and music too, as well as different branches of the arts, registered nice achievements, by each nationwide and worldwide standards, through the large presence of women. The aim of AYWA is to promote the increasing role of a younger woman in Civil Society, in public, political, economical, educational, cultural and different lives in the Republic of Armenia. One of the objectives of AYWA is to extend the extent of young women’s involvement in politics. I’m committed to making sure ladies have a seat, or two, at the table and are on “the menu” during all negotiations.

As mothers known as upon to rear tomorrow’s era, Armenian girls should internalize the supreme values and authentic traditions of our church and nation. In this regard, the best degree of warning have to be proven toward our households. Our families have to be sustained by moral and spiritual values. While the daddy supplies for the family financially, it is the mother who provides moral and spiritual nourishment to the family. It’s true that Armenian girls haven’t come out in public with the expressions of protest uttered by the ladies of other societies.

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She is aware of her self worth, she demands only the best things in life, because she deserves it. Proud, bold and beautiful, this fashionable woman expresses her creative creativity in everything she does.

Woman turned a presence not solely within the parables, miracles and teachings of Christ, but in addition in the redemptive mission of Christ via Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Prompted by the special respect they displayed towards ladies, Christ after which the Disciples rejected the male supremacy and female subordination, stressing the equality between man and woman.

In 1991, in the course of the first democratic elections in the newly independent republic of Armenia, women candidates received in solely 9 constituencies out of 240, representing solely three.6 % of the parliament membership. None of the permanent parliamentary committees embody any feminine members.