The age of rage: are we really living in angrier times? 全球情绪报告:这个时代的人比过去更加容易愤怒

It’s a standard observation that the world is getting angrier. Last year, 22% of respondents around the world told the Gallup organisation they felt angry, a record since the question was first asked in 2006.

The effects of anger are sometimes so appalling, thus, it’s easy to conclude that anger is inherently bad in itself. But studies have consistently shown that even everyday anger usually has positive results.

The crucial point about these productive outbursts is that there was an obvious route for translating anger into action, and thus reaching resolution. By contrast, we’ve built a world that’s extremely good at generating causes for anger, but extremely bad at giving us anything constructive to do with it.

We face big, systemic forces that threaten our wellbeing — automation, globalisation and above all climate change — but that offer few ways for individual people or communities to turn their anger into change. Incidentally, this also explains why “venting” your anger, by punching a pillow or suchlike, doesn’t work, and can even make things worse. That old advice is based on the assumption that emotions simply need release. But anger isn’t trapped wind. It doesn’t need somewhere to go. It needs something to do.

If you want to assuage your own anger, or other people’s anger, or the destructive effects of anger in the world at large, the only meaningful course is to do something concrete, however modest, in ways that will improve the situation, rather than fuelling the cycle of anger. Anger can be the start of something. But then you need the something.

——From The Guardian


appalling /əˈpɔːlɪŋ/

adj. 使人惊骇的,极为恶劣的

搭配短语:appalling famine(骇人听闻的饥荒)


inherently /ɪnˈhɪrəntli/

adv. 固有地;生来就有地

词性拓展:inherent (adj.)

adv. 一致地

词性拓展:consistent (adj.)

反义词:inconsistent (adj.)

搭配短语:consistently high standard


translate /trænzˈleɪt/

v. 转化为

搭配短语:translate A into B(将 A 转化为 B)

近义词:turn A into B


generate /ˈdʒenəreɪt/

v. 产生

搭配短语:generate profit(产生盈利)

搭配短语:generate power(发电)

搭配短语:generate electricity(发电)


constructive /kənˈstrʌktɪv/

adj. 建设性的,有助益的

近义词:productive (adj.)


systemic /sɪˈstemɪk/

adj. 系统的;影响全面的


automation /ˌɔːtəˈmeɪʃn/

n. 自动化

词性拓展:automate (v.)


vent /vent/

v. 发泄,宣泄

搭配短语:vent sth.

搭配短语:give vent to sth. (n.)

搭配短语:vent frustration(发泄沮丧的情绪)

搭配短语:give vent to frustration(发泄沮丧的情绪)


assuage /əˈsweɪdʒ/

v. 缓和,减轻(不快)

搭配短语:assuage one’s desire for knowledge(满足某人的求知欲)

搭配短语:assuage fears(缓解恐慌情绪)

搭配短语:assuage guilt(缓解负罪感)


at large


近义词:as a whole, generally