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“The more that you read, the more that you’ll know. The more that you know, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss.


培养阅读能力,  提升口语表达,助力留学备考, 拓展国际视野,  锻炼批判思维,激发社会责任 

course overview课程介绍

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time夜色中好奇的狗 

The novel focuses on a 15 year old boy named Christopher who suffers from autism. He Views the world in a different way because of his condition. He is a very intelligent student but finds it incredibly difficult to socialize with others. One day he discovers that a neighbor’s dog is murdered and he sets out to find out the killer… 这本小说讲的是一个15岁的自闭症男孩Christopher, 他与众不同, 不擅长和别人交流; 一天, Christopher邻居家的小狗被杀了,Christopher 决定充当detective(侦探)调查此事,故事由此展开。

This course is prepared to expand student’s minds and open them up to new experiences and perspectives, as well as to encourage independent thinking. Through the use of popular and some not so common novels, students will begin to absorb not only the understanding of the English Language, but will learn about new cultures, historical events and societal issues that they never knew before. Personal opinions will be regularly discussed freely, and students will begin to understand that there are always two or more sides to every story. But overall, this course is designed to be as stress free as possible. Reading is an enjoyable and relaxing way to encourage English learning and is suitable for everybody.


Course Materials课程材料

Novels will be provided by JetEdu for the students to read within class. We will also provide tailor-made notebooks and pens for students make notes during lessons with regards to vocabulary and knowledge points that they are not familiar with and topics discussed in the book to reflect on for private study outside of the classroom.我们将提供小说、杰特教育专属定制笔记本和笔。鼓励学生在课堂上对他们不熟悉的词汇和书中讨论的主题做笔记,以便在课堂外学习时能够随时思考并记下自己的理解。

Homework Policy课后作业

Students will be expected to read chapters of the book outside of class in their own free time, to prepare for questions that will be asked and discussed in the following class. Students will also be expected to write essays on what they thought the book was about, and what they found most interesting about the book and so on. Further instructions will be given to students in advance for preparation before each lesson.学生们要在课外时间阅读这本小说的一些章节,为下一节课做准备, Jessica 老师也会要求学生写一些小随笔,记录自己的阅读和思考历程。

1月30-2月13日 下午14:00-16:00


班型: 6人精品班(4人即开   课)学费: 6000元/人,本月报名的学员均可享受9折优惠, 2人同行更可获得8折优惠。




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