Task 1
Your friend has just moved to a new city and is nervous about making new friends. What advice would you give your friend?

Task 2
You have been very busy and unable to prepare for the exam tomorrow. You can either stay up late to study and sleep less or just study less and get full night’s sleep. Which will you choose?

Task 3
标题:Dormitory Study Rooms好处:

原因1:Lounges for entertaining aren’t suitable for studying because it is very noisy there for the students who want to read.

原因2:Equipping the study room with computers and printers would be better and convenient to student.



原因一: 如果在个人宿舍,室友会看电视聊天会很吵。如果有专门的study room就可以看书什么的。

原因二:不是所有学生都有电脑和打印机。如果他们需要用的话就要去student center,但有时他们会很晚student center都关门了。所以如果宿舍楼有电脑和打印机的话会特别方便。

Task 4
标题: Rational Ignorance定义:When people decide to buy something less important, they are not willing to take time and energy to consider carefully because they think it is not worthy.


例子:The professor uses his own example to illustrate this. When he bought his car, he used to spend a lot of time doing research. But when he bought batteries, even there are five brands and they are different in some ways, he didn’t read the descriptions or ask sales questions. He just picked up the first one he saw and paid.

Task 5
问题:The woman’s friend is going to give a speech on graduation ceremony and is nervous about it. So she wants the woman to attend the ceremony so she will feel more confident. But woman will finish her exams one week earlier that that and she already bought flight ticket.
解决方案1:She can reschedule the flight.优点1:She can attend her friend’s graduation ceremony.

缺点1:She needs to pay extra 75 dollars and many other expenses.

解决方案2:She can help her friend prepare the speech before she goes.

优点2:She can go home as planned. Preparing in advance will help her friend avoid to be nervous on the ceremony.

缺点2:Her friend will be disappointed because her friend really wants her to attend the graduation ceremony.

Task 6
话题:Plants avoid sunlight
要点1:other objects例子1:When vines seek for trees or building, they grow in dark shadow until they surpass the top of the tree or building.


例子2:Bean plants will turn their leaves side up, exposing the thin edge to the intense sunlight to avoid losing too much water in the middle of the day.

Conversation 1
话题分类: Professor and students内容回忆:


文话题是围绕climate change,并且讲了自己选择以:预测气候

影响对于Marshland of Everglades 为话题的原因,认为淡水


信,并且给学生推荐以last ice age相关内容为话题会比较好,


Conversation 2
话题分类:the manager of credit union and student内容回忆:




Lecture 1
学科分类:Archaeology内容回忆:教授向学生讲述了Austronesian language family存在的一些证据,介绍了地图上的Austronesian人在东南亚及南太平洋分布的一些情况,涉及到移民的原因,讲到linguistic tree,由此引入pulse-pause model的学习方法,也适合于其他语言家族的学习。

Lecture 2 
学科分类: Earth Science classes  (professor)内容回忆:cloud-to-ground lightning 是最普遍的lightning的方式。教




Passage One
题目:Venice: An Empire on the Sea内容回忆:

1. Water is the source of prosperity in Venice. Venice has several natural advantages.

2. Apart from natural advantages, Venice’s achievement in

trade also contributes to its success.

3. Government’s power and Venice style of republicanism

4. Commercial families


1.   lucrative-profitable

2.   distinctions-differences

3.   elaborate-complicated

4.   persuasively-convincingly

Passage Two
题目:The Print Revolution内容回忆:

1. 宗教革命与打印机息息相关。

2. printing与papermaking 的联系

3. printing与goldsmithing 的联系

4. printing依然spread widely

5. 详细说明了printing revolution带来的种种影响

1.   allied-related

2.   compilations-collections

3.   dispersed-spread

Passage Three
题目:Effects of Plate Tectonics on Species内容回忆:

1. Plate Tectonics主要影响climate和地理

2. 形成的province越多,物种多样性越高

3.对于wind和sea currents有影响,从而影响物种分布

4. 南方物种被北方来的迁徙类物种代替,而南方却很少迁徙到北方去。

1.   resultant-consequent

2.   parallels-matches

3.   profound-very strong

4.   shallow-having little depth

Passage Four
题目:Extinctions at the End of Cretaceous(2016年10月28日,以及150614CN-P3)内容回忆:

1. It has long been recognized that the dinosaurs disappeared from the fossil record at the end of the Cretaceous period. And many other organisms disappeared at about the same time.

2. On land it was not only the large animals that became extinct.  The mammals, most of which were small, lost some 35 percent of their species worldwide. Plants were also affected.

3. Furthermore, it is most likely that these large dinosaurs had slow rates of reproduction, which always increases the risk of extinction. Crocodiles, tortoises, birds, and insects seem to have been little affected. 后面讨论了幸存的原因。

4. 单细胞生物幸存的原因

5. 找到a rare metal, iridium, 证明iridium spike was due to a large asteroid that struck  Earth 65 million years ago.


1. recognized-accepted

2. simultaneously-at the same time

3. dismissed-rejected

4. elevated-high

阅读:饮用牛奶对人类健康有一些消极影响。尽管有补钙健骨骼的说法,但过量饮用(每天超过200grams),人体骨骼会变得更加脆弱。•   牛奶中含有antibiotics抗生素,人体由喝牛奶摄入后,就会产生一些抗体,如果后期遇到病毒感染需要注射抗生素时,就不利于健康了。

•    想摄入合理的营养,饮用牛奶没有必要,可以从其他蔬菜,豆类及海鲜中摄取,这些都能满足日常所需。



•   牛奶中的半乳糖(D-galactose)是导致骨骼问题的原因,如果我们饮用发酵的(fermented)牛奶,是会减少骨骼脆弱的问题的。

•   牛奶中是含有抗生素,但是一般销售公司只接受那些能够经得住严格监测标准的农场来提供奶源,即抗生素含量达标的农场。

•   人们从其他蔬菜,豆类及海鲜中摄取的营养及维生素的量是比较少的,而从牛奶中摄取的量比较足,能够满足人体所需。

Topic: Which one of the following values is the most important to share with a young child (ages 5 to 10)? Why?
A  Being helpful to othersB   Being honest

C   Being well-organized

Use specific examples and evidences to support your answer.