Task 1

You will need to accomplish an assignment to do a presentation. Which will you choose?

1.Act out a scene from a play(with a partner)

2.Explain your review of a novel you recently you read

3.Read a selection of poem

Task 2

Someone choose to work in a small company or organization with a few workers. Others prefer to work in a large company or organization with thousands of employees. Which do you think is better?

Task 3


标题:Weekend Art Workshop

原因1:This will provide students whose majors are not art a relaxed environment to learn art without concerning about grade.

原因2:This will give art-majored students more opportunities to practice.




原因二:这对于艺术专业的学生并不会有好处,Weekend Art Workshop在周末会占用教室,会cut the time available on weekends。 比如女生要做一个雕塑,需要花很长时间,她不可能周末搬回宿舍去做。

Task 4


标题: Predator Release

定义:When human control the number of predators, the population of preys will increase. This will lead to some consequences.


例子:Sea urchins feed on coral reefs. Triggerfish feed on sea urchins. But recently, tourists came fishing, causing the decline of triggerfish. As a result, sea urchins grow to larger size, destroying coral reefs, which are habitats for many ocean animals.

Task 5

问题:The woman is concerned about her living situation. Because her sister will come to live with her. The thing is her apartment is too small for two of them to live.

解决方案1:She can put a bed in the living room and live with her sister in the old small apartment.


缺点1:have no privacy

解决方案2:She can find a new and bigger apartment herself.

优点2:They will have bigger rooms separately


Task 6

话题:Business has two ways to extend a product’s life cycle.




例子2:baking soda: 一开始作为baking的ingredient, 满满人们bake less后baking soda就不畅销了。 后来把它作为清洁产品销售,延长了产品的life cycle.



Whether the three methods to stop snakeheads from spreading is feasible.


The reading raises three methods to stop the spread of snakehead fish because it threatens the ecosystem.

1. Making laws to prevent people from transporting snakehead fish. Some people in the fish market will illegally transport or release unsold snakehead fish.

2. Educating fishers to catch snakehead. If they recognize that people actually can eat snakehead as a food source, they will catch many to eat and to sell.

3. Researching some poison to kill the snakehead. Though poison will also kill native fishes in the river, people can restock native fishes.


The listening contradicts all methods proposed by the author of the passage and points out their potential problems.

1. Even if people do not transport the snakehead, the spread will still continue. The reason is that there are already many snakeheads, and these snakeheads will move to other rivers even without human’s efforts, because they can live and move on land as long as they are moist.

2. Educating fishers to catch snakehead will not help stop the spread of snakehead. Conversely, it may lead to the increase of snakehead. Because when fishers realize they can make profit by catching snakehead, they will introduce snakehead to other water bodies and raise snakehead in order to catch more snakehead, even this is illegal.

3. It is true that native fishes can be restocked; however, poison will also kill some insects and micro organisms, which cannot be restocked. So, native fishes that feed on these insects and micro organisms cannot grow to their original size. This is irreversible.


As a student of university that has a long break between university semesters, the university requires all students to do one of the following for one month during the break:

1、Students must take a course on the subject that has no direct connection to their majors of study ( For example, a student majoring in engineering may take course in fine arts or social science.)

2、Students must volunteer to work in the university’s city or their hometowns to improve some aspects of life of the city or their own town.( For example, students may help local primary school children with their homework.)

Which one do you think is more beneficial for students in their university? Why?

Given detailed examples and reasons. Use your OWN words, do NOT use memorized examples.


Passage One


题目:Naturalism and Nature in Art

希腊亚里士多德时期开始崇尚自然主义,认为艺术就是生动再现客观事物,但也包括fiction as unicorns。


Z画了一串葡萄,引得鸟儿来啄;但是J的画作是curtain。Z看到这个curtain后让他的对手remove the curtain to show his paint. 但是curtain其实是后者画的。所以Z认输。

第二个例子,关于画花。进一步说明自然主义。那个时候开始,一些flowers 比如tulip有了代表的意义。

但是慢慢有expressionist不再忠实于自然主义,有人认为photography不仅仅是camera决定,更是人的选择。达芬奇也认为observation带来的仅仅是likeness,copy就是mirror, 艺术应该更多涉及intelligent activity和inner life, including energy and strength. Georgia在画canna lily的时候也更注重表现其essence, 而不是image。


1.    faithfully=accurately

2.    admiration for=high opinion of

3.    perceived=seen

4.    fragile=delicate

Passage Two


题目:Cotton Ginning and Interchangeable Parts: The legacy of Eli Whitney



Egyptian cotton: longest fiber

American South沿海: Longer-staple

American South中部:shorter-staple


第三段:Eli Whitley发明了cotton ginning, 大大提高了效率。(他有两个发明,一是cotton gin, 二是促进mass production的interchangeable parts)

他于耶鲁毕业后,去Georgia seek fortune on plantation.  He was introduced to invent cotton gin. (这段还详细说了cotton gin是如何工作的,略。)然后一天可以获得50 pounds of clean cotton, 大大提高效率。

第四段:但是他的发明is simple and easy to copy, 所以他没有因此赚到很多钱。后来他manufacture and install the gins, 但是the plant was resent by planters.

第五段:后来由于他的social and political connection, 得到deliver 10000 muskets的机会。然后发明了interchangeable parts, 也就是一个人负责一个零部件,这些零部件is interchangeable and can be assembled, 提高工作效率。这成为了heart of mass production, which was further developed by Henry Ford. Whitney 的晚年一直致力于提升interchangeability。


1.    garment=xxx of clothing

2.    thus=in this way

3.    install=put in place

4.    promoting=developing

Passage Three


题目:Climate in Triassic and Jurassic

第一段:Late Triassic and early Jurassic的气候特征: warm,aridity, 四季分明。

第二段:3 broad climate regimes 是基于一些rocks去判断。

第三段:还有另外三个climate indicators揭示了当时的气候:

a. red beds, rocks with iron oxide, 意味着warm climate;

b. fossilized soils with caliche, 这种土壤存在于arid的地方;

c. high isotopes, variables that do not instantaneously decay, 揭示了季节变化。

第四段:Late Jurassic气候开始发生变化。

第五段:Middle and Late Jurassic时期,ocean basin的water 还有特定的鱼类揭示了那时海平面很高;而且内陆海很多。北极是没有ice and glaciers的,意味着那时候温度很高。


1.    obtained=gathered

2.    are preserved=are buried

3.    a wealth of data=a lot of information

4.    encompass=include


Conversation 1

话题分类:student and housing employee

内容回忆:学生去找管理Housing的职员要换一件宿舍。学生现在住的是single-room因为暑假有课和工作。但是遇到问题是旁边宿舍太吵了影响了他的作息。想要换一间离他们远点的单人宿舍,但是employee说发过邮件告知不能在暑假换,但是学生没收到。最终housing employee还是给出了一些帮助,说是换一个double room或者out of campus,但是学生都提出了质疑和自己的顾虑。因为没有单间了,最后cheap price学生决定去double room.

Conversation 2

话题分类:student and astronomy professor

内容回忆:professor 一开始就在说学生的问题,没有理解一些课堂的知识点关于galaxy的。Professor强调是有2个galaxy类型,一个是minor包括 a large one & a small one, small one 是一个部分;major one 是same size的几个。之后学生问到关于midterm d 考题是什么样的,professor说会找一些particular subjects of ongoing research. 学生表示自己可能需要cancel time of laboratory. 之后讨论了课本上学生决定没有的知识,professor 强调sth on the textbook make sense,要学生去看理解。

Lecture 1

学科分类:Earth science

标题:the problems and solutions of flotsam science

内容回忆: 先提出flotsam science理论,professor介绍了一些ships停留在海上,被冲走了,科学家通过tracing the movement of the ships掌握了ocean currents的一些规律。先提到第一个问题,有一种device 可以去探测,但是因为距离海面的深浅问题不行,举例了cargo ship in pacific ship。还提到了organism thrive in upper portion of the ocean. 第二个问题是battery。电池很难维持很长时间。后面讲到一些关于glacier melt时候用到的device disappear了。最后有人提出a new way用yellow ducks 可以来prevent cold and pressure,并且more durable and inexpensive.

Lecture 2

学科分类: Music history

标题: dissonance

内容回忆: 讲到2个概念Artusi & Me……,第二种形式的imperfection体现了dissonance. 解释了下dissonance的含义是 Not harmonious in the composition. 并且提到里面有很多需要遵循的rules和内部的interact. 有学生提问,professor 提到这种dissonance is not pleasing and hurt ears. 后面提到关于第二种音乐形式的加点practice: one practice is to follow the rules, two is for champing,final is the tie of rules. 后面提到views of history, 通过一些方式去substantialize the views.

Lecture 3

学科分类: Archaeology

标题: Templeand museum

内容回忆:先提到Greek的 一种特殊的temple, 介绍了一些历史,destroyed in the fire and then rebuild, 还有一些特殊的意义。后面讲到了museums, 说是一种cultural institutions, 可以用来exhibit and tell people the history about people who made it.

Lecture 4

学科分类:  Forestry

标题: commercial forestry

内容回忆: 引入概念commercial forestry. 提到post-harvest residues.

围绕soil ,decomposition来讲。提到营养需求—nitrogen. 后面举例fungi,它的decomposition给soil带来的养分好处等。后面提到一种new way, 提到一个新概念mulch,用这个来加速decomposition.