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Family stories

It is important for a young child to know the older people in the family. Here is Eva’s story.

This is a photo of my daughter. Her name is Anna, and she is now one year old. And also in the photo is my father. His name is Peter, and he’s 68 – that’s a big age difference!

My father is always busy and doing things. He has many hobbies. He likes doing sports (he likes fishing most) and cooking. He made a little birthday cake for Anna! The only bad thing is that he lives in a different city. It’s a long way – 12 hours by train. But he likes travelling, and he comes to see Anna every month. He also talks to Anna on the internet every week – Anna knows his face very well.

Anna has no brothers or sisters, so it is very important that she can be with my father. And she is always happy with him. That’s great. But she is always sad when he goes home.