20 Tips for Getting More Done Every Day(下)

14. Change your environment.Doing the same things, in the same place, day after day can cause burnout. Try a change of pace and do your work in a different location.
15. Work out midday.Exercise has proven benefits when it comes to energy and feeling great.
16. Capture fleeting thoughts.Nothing uses up brainpower like trying not to forget something. By writing it down immediately, you’ll free up your mind to focus on other, more productive tasks.
17. Replace “I can’t” with “How?”By asking how to accomplish something instead, you’ll frame your work as achievable and get more done.
18. If you’re struggling, take a break.Odd as it seems, sometimes the way forward is to stop.
19. Handle paper and email once.By forcing yourself to take action on papers or emails right away, you’ll avoid having them pile up into an overwhelming mass.
20. Eat healthy snacks.Rather than eating something that will give you a sugar rush and then a crash, focus on healthy foods like nuts or carrots.
Having a focused, productive day isn’t always easy.
However, by following these tips you should be well on your way to getting all of your truly important tasks done each day. In the end, you’ll find yourself truly productive–not just busy.