Useful Sentences in IELTS Speaking

The new building was built from the design of a famous architect.

As the newspaper said, BMW is a great car brand famous for the driving pleasure. They’ve already moved on to the next phase of fuel consumption and emission reduction. Because the ultimate aim for the future is zero emissions. It’s a future that starts right here.

The film reflects some shortcomings of human beings. It shows something that is extinct

One child policy is a very good way to depopulate. It substantially reduces the population of an area. The disease could depopulate a town the size of Bournemouth.

Hang Zhou is a holiday resort on the east coast of China.

I just couldn’t go back to live in a small town. I have gotten accustomed to life in the big city and it would be hard to get me back to those “country roads”.

I like living in a small town within driving distance of a city. That way I can enjoy the craziness of the city for a time and then return to the simplicity of the small town life.

It’s hard to get bored when you live in a city that never sleeps, like NYC, LA, Miami, Rome, Paris. There is much to do.

I wanna go to the small cities for traveling. They look so peaceful to me. There is less traffic. I would love to stay there for a couple of days, but to live there, because of the lack of convenience.

He lacks passion. Lack of self-confidence is the only thing that prevents you from making more progress. It is lack of confidence that drives you confused.

I am tired of all the traffic… all the crime… all the rushing around like ants.

Our car was useless for want of petrol.

Shang Hai is a vibrant cosmopolitan city.

Hangzhou does have a strong atmosphere of art. It has an opera house, a concert hall, a bunch of art galleries and several museums.

My favorite part of the day is late afternoon, because the day’s work is coming to an end, I can go home and I have the evening to look forward to, and the weather is generally pleasant and cool.

I love late night when I can mess around for a bit, play a computer game or two, then snuggle down and read a book or watch TV until I fall asleep. No worries, nothing to do, just relax and sleep, I love it.

I like evenings after I get off work. I can then cook a good meal, work on my hobbies, and read as late as I want. I am not on a schedule then.

When I get up, no one else in the house is awake yet. For most people it would be in the evening when everyone else goes to bed, but for me I’m exhausted by then.

He went to the company to draw his pension.

I really need to take off, because it’s the commuting time.

Many people prefer to freelance from home.

Sleeping too long is a lame excuse for being late.

I grew up in Tianjin. I was living near a municipal library.

No, I haven’t lived there for many years. I went to school here in Beijing and have simply settled here and made it my hometown. I still go back to Tianjin every once in a while.

Well, there isn’t much in Tianjin that is famous.

I hardly even recognize it, it has changed so much. Just like most of China, Tianjing is changing rapidly at an alarming rate.

There is nothing recognizable of my hometown except the historic area.

While much of the place is the same and seems familiar, it doesn’t feel like home. I feel completely disconnected from the place. It’s a rather bittersweet feeling if you ask me.

It’s said that civilization is always on the move.

I like the park the most because there are a lot of clubs and also a lot of hustle and bustle. I like to be where the crowds are, the same as most young people.

People here are nice; there is a good sense of community.

The springtime when the winds from the Gobi desert blow in and the sky turns a hazy orange, is one thing I don’t like about Beijing. Another one of my least favorite things is having to fight rush hour traffic on the subway.